What to do if my drone is lost or flies away?

If you have set your GPS before take-off this should never occur. Manufacturers have added the base lock return feature of new drones with GPS location for safety reasons, as well as the obvious maintaining control of your drone so you don’t lose it.

Wind, especially when it is swirling around obstacles, can mess with your drone’s flight path. Practicing in windier conditions in a controlled, low altitude environment will give you an idea of when and where the limitations are for launching your unmanned aircraft.

If you do lose your drone, you will have to ask permission of the landowner/tenant to retrieve it. This can be unpleasant if the landowner or occupant is annoyed that it was flying out of control over them or their property in the first place.

CAA does confiscate drones that pose a threat to people and property and are flying illegally.

The best practice is always to lock your drones home co-ordinates so that it will return home if the remaining battery power allows it.

Our courses teach you how to prolong battery life and read your manual or watch a video to learn how to set your drones home co-ordinates before takeoff.

What can you do as a Certified Part 101 Drone pilot (compared to uncertified)