What Is A UAV?

“Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” are known as RPAS, UAVs, or the widely used nickname Drones. Pilotless remote operated aircraft is another term for drones. UAS s a slightly different terminology which stands for “Unmanned Aerial System”. This means a system comprised of a remote aircraft, any control station, and radio links between the control station device and the aircraft.

New Zealand Civil Aviation (CAA) rules use the term “unmanned aircraft”, and the International Civil Aviation Organisation prefers RPAS, a “Remotely Piloted Aircraft System” – a form of UAS that is piloted by a person on the ground.

UAV’s operating above 400 feet AGL (above ground level) share airspace with other aircraft. So CAA has stipulated that UAV operators flying above this height or at night, require training and 102 certification.

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