What happens when you exceed 25kg of weight for your UAV?

Obviously any flying object falling from the sky can have lethal consequences for people and animals underneath it.

A drone pilot must comply with the rules or face prosecution. The CAA will confiscate and may prosecute anyone who breaks the rules. The higher the POTENTIAL risk to people and property, the more serious the action CAA will take.

Intro to Part 102Part 102 of CAA’s rules details the requirements for gaining an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate.

“Anybody flying an unmanned aircraft with a take-off weight of more than 25kg, or requiring a variation from the Part 101 rules must be certificated.If you exceed this weight then you fall under CAA part 102 rules. You need to ask permission from CAA or be licensed as a drone pilot under part 102 to fly your drone.”

As part of our 102 training we cover drone weights and other restrictions for a non commercial operator.