What are realistic total costs for the whole part 102 certification process, including training, exposition and application and processing fees?

It very much depends on what your particular requirements are… For example doing a 102 for videography is a lot cheaper, due to being less complex, than say doing a Certification for spraying orchards.

To be perfectly honest submitting an exposition can be a long and tedious process. Unless you really need to have one, just training and certification covers most of what most people need.

Some organisations may tell you that you need a 102 certificate, when actually the rules may not require you to do so based on your intended activities.

Note: We do provide 102 expositions but it’s best to get clarification for whether you actually require it before starting down this path.

What can you do as a Certified Part 101 Drone pilot (compared to uncertified) – a helpful article to help you determine what rules your drone activities fall under.

Feel free to have a chat to us on 027 315 2265 for further clarification of what you might need.

We can provide you with what you need to get an exposition, and also give you advice on what you need or don’t. (We can and do provide a 102 exposition service, if the scope of your operations requires it.)

If you want to fly within 101 rules, you may not need training. That said, those with certification have a lot more options and are given much more leeway generally by authorities to do things because they know you have been trained to know how to comply. This certification is gold in the world of aviation because you as a drone pilot – are a pilot sharing airspace with other aircraft. The more you know and can demonstrate you know, the more options you are likely to have.

Email Will or call on 027 315 2265 to discuss your individual requirements and whether you need training. If you do there are options we can suggest, and if not we can tell you where to find any further information you need if you want to fly in unusual places or conditions.

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