How long is the 101, 102 course?

Our RPAS courses are intensive, and run for two whole days, from 8 am till 5 pm and include breaks for lunch.

On the first day you will learn about airspace rules, meteorology, resources you can use as a drone pilot and what you need to know as a pilot of an unmanned aircraft. Our two instructors Scotty and Lawrence are experienced helicopter and fixed-wing instructors. They share a wealth of knowledge that our students can use to not only adhere to understand the rules, but also understand from a pilots perspective as well as a drone pilots point of view, the 3D picture of the airspace above us.

Lawrence is also a model aircraft competition champion, and knows pretty much everything there is to know about remote control aircraft from battery care to radio frequency modulators.

Scotty flew for the UK military in helicopters, so he’s very knowledgeable on everything to do with low flying zones, and the areas you’ll be sharing airspace with as a pilot of and unmanned aircraft.

Our 102 Drone Pilot Training Course is designed to be interactive, interesting and practical so you can enjoy the learning environment while confidently learning to operate your drone from a comprehensively legal, safe and aware position.