CAA Approved Drone Courses

If you have just acquired a new drone, or already have one and feel you need to get acquainted with CAA rules, then our Recreational Drone Operator 101 intro course is for you.

Why Do You Need Training As A Drone Operator?

Legal: CAA are becoming increasingly strict around illegal drone activity. If you don’t know the laws, ignorance is no defense.

Practical: Knowing how to fly your drone in a controlled manner so you won’t damage your drone, people or property can save you hassle, anxiety and potentially expensive repair bills.

Fun: There is so much you can do recreationally as well as commercially with drones. Learning how to get the most out of your drones capability and longevity in a safe and effective manner can be fun when you train with us.

Consideration and Awareness: Not only are we drone and model aircraft pilots, but helicopter and aeroplane pilots as well.  Having an awareness about other aircraft and pilots you as an unmanned aircraft operator, share the sky with, will give you confidence to fly your drone competently and safely in accordance with the law.

If you are or intend to operate your drone for commercial purposes, at a height higher then 400 feet above ground level, at night or within 4km of an airport/aerodrome, you may need 102 training.

What can you do as a Certified Part 101 Drone pilot (compared to uncertified)

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