Who needs a drone pilot training 102 course?

Anyone who operates outside the CAA rules of 101 drone operation. This means if you intend to:

  • operate your drone in areas where piloted aircraft like planes and helicopters may operate
  • operate your drone within 4 km of an aerodrome
  • operate your drone over 400ft AGL (above ground level)
  • operate your drone at night
  • fly over people or property without permission (as per CAA 101 rules)

If you want a better understanding of airspace so you are complying with airspace rules, and to ensure the safety of your drone and people you are flying over or around, then our drone 101 training course is a great place to start.

What can you do as a Certified Part 101 Drone pilot (compared to uncertified)

If you want to be able to operate outside 101 parameters, fly without having to ask permission every time you intend on using your drone in public places, to operate above 400 AGL and comply with ATC (air traffic control) then you legally need to attend 102 certification.

102 certificated courses can only be run by 141 certified organisations like ourselves under our parent company Aviation Training 2017 Limited.

Our intensive Drone Pilot Training 102 Course runs over two days and are taught by licenced aircraft flight instructors who are also drone enthusiasts.

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