What is a 102 exposition?

Applicants for a 102 certificate must submit an ‘exposition’ document showing that they have identified hazards and risks of their operation, and how they intend to mitigate those risks.

Each application will be considered on its merit – this allows for the wide scope of operations made possible by RPAS. CAA charge $240 per hour to look over your exposition and liase with you, so they recommend having an exposition written for you by an organisation such as us. Expositions cost around $3000 on average, but as CAA states, are well worth it because you can easily clock up $3000 worth of CAA’s time to get your RPAS exposition accepted.

CAA do provide some example documents to help you. As well as the Part 101 compliance matrix mentioned above, there is an additional one for Part 102 – note that you need to complete both to apply for a Part 102 certificate. There’s also a sample exposition that you can copy or use as a template for your exposition. See Forms on the CAA website and Advisory Circulars (CAA links open in a new tab) for advice on how to comply with the rules.