What you need to know before you attend our CAA certified 101/102 course

We teach you all the theory, you are required to know in regards to the rules, and where to find the information you need to fly your drone both safely and legally.

What you need to be able to do is fly your drone efficiently and safely.

With our flight test, we’re looking for our pilots to be able to manoeuvre accurately and smoothly. You need to be able to fly your drone away from you, towards you, in figures of 8 both horizontally and vertically. We’re looking for you to demonstrate competence in setting up and starting your drone, know your way around the software, be able to set a home point and, of course, fly it.

We suggest a minimum of 20 hours of practice, with lots of close-quarters manoeuvring, so your flying becomes as automatic as driving a car.

As part of the test we prefer atti mode for a number of manoeuvres, so practice with as many automatic modes turned off as is possible with your particular drone.

As part of the course you’ll need to bring your own drone and a couple of charged batteries.

For more info call or email Will on will@adventurehelicopters.co.nz or 027 315 2265