What type of drone you will need to attend

The best drone to bring with you is the one you use most regularly and are most comfortable with.

You should be very familiar with the drone, you should have read the manual (pilot’s operating handbook) for your drone so that you have a thorough understanding of the systems and components.

Currently the CAA do not have a requirement to be tested in ATTI mode (all sensors, obstacle avoidance and GPS disabled) however this may be implemented in the future, so if your drone is capable of ATTI mode then that is our preferred testing mode.

The reason for testing in ATTI mode is the same reason you step onto an airliner and expect the Pilot to know how to land that plane in the event of a system or engine failure. You have the responsibility to be able to handle your drone in all stages of flight possible, including emergency situations.

You will also be assessed on the ground handling and transportation of your drone as this build the greater picture of airmanship.