Have the consent of the property owner or person in charge of the area you want to fly above

This subject deals with respect for property ownership from and over which you fly.

You wouldn’t want someone else parking in your driveway or garage without asking would you?

Gaining the consent from the property owner or occupier before operating your RPAS from or over that property is required, and important for maintaining a positive relationship between the aviation community and the general public. Neglecting this relationship will result in a poor reputation of drones and drone pilots with the public, and consequently you may be denied consent.

Operating from someone’s land without permission could also get you prosecuted for trespassing. If gaining consent from the land owner(s) is impractical or not possible then this could be an indication that a part 102 certificate is necessary.

We can then see it is important to respect someone’s property from a moral and personal level as well as a legal perspective.