Drone Weight Limits – You must not operate a drone over 25kg

Any object falling from a significant height poses a potential hazard to people and property.

Therefore a drone with a flat battery or a fault that causes it to fall from a height becomes a hazard.

The heavier the drone, the higher the potential damage, however even a small drone can cause significant harm.

There are different weight classes of drone – Below 15kg’s, between 15 and 25 kg’s, and over 25 kg’s.

If you intend on flying a drone for agricultural or horticultural purposes, or with an all up weight of over 25kg you are required to have a Part 102 drone operators certificate (by CAA) and 102 pilots licence for anyone who operates that drone.

You will need to attend a CAA approved drone operators & pilot certification course if you intend flying a drone in this category. To talk certification call us on 027 315 2265 to discuss how to go about this.