Documents and resources to read before you attend

Here is what most 101 pilot certification course providers prefer you to know before you attend.

Being prepared means you are more likely to achieve a high pass level in your exams.

  1. to have read through CAA’s rule part 101, and part 102 advisory circulars (AC’s) which you can download from the Resources Tab
  2. to have flown around 20 hours with your drone so you can manoeuvre it naturally and with confidence. You can download a flight manoeuvre booklet before attending so you can practice. We also show you a video after you have booked and paid your deposit, so you can visualize the pattern you will need to fly, and understand the pre-flight checklist drone certification companies will expect you to know. For visual learners, this is a helpful reference.
  3. not all companies expect you to have …

Extra resources to help you assimilate the course information easily are also in the Resources Tab including pages 6 to 9 of CAA’s airspace Gap booklet.