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This course gives you an introduction to what you need to know to fly a drone in New Zealand

Email or Call Ross on 027 315 2265 and we will send you a link to access to this course.

Every day we get calls and emails from drone pilots who ask us what they are allowed to do on a professional basis, or because they want to become a licensed drone pilot.

Alot of the time drone pilots CAN fly their drone within 101 rules without needing 102 certification, but may still need to be 101 certified. 

Call Ross on 027 315 2265 to find out what compliance you need (if any) to be a commercial or professional drone pilot.

This course is designed to give you a basic rundown of how 101 rules apply to drone pilots, in a practical sense.

  • It gives a base understanding of the 101 rules, what they mean and how they apply to you as a drone pilot.
  • It will help you to understand what you need to do to comply with CAA rules when flying your drone, and whether you need expanded certification.
  • Although this free course DOES NOT give you a pilot licence or certificate, it will help you fly safely and legally, plus prepare you for our expanded course. [We are a CAA certified 101/102 training organisation]
  • By taking this course you’ll have a foundation of understanding should you decide you need to take our 2 day 101/102 course.


To enquire a about our 2 day certification and licensing courses Email or Call Ross on 027 315 2265

How much do you know about the air rules guidelines? Take this short quiz to find out.

Your course materials are found in each lesson.

  • Gap booklets from CAA
  • Map examples
  • Other downloadable resources