Drone Training New Zealand is operated by Aviation Training 2017 Limited in Tauranga, New Zealand

We are mad keen drone enthusiastsas well as  aeroplane and helicopter pilots/instructors.

We run fully 141 CAA certified 101 and 102 courses – our 1 and 2 day courses are designed to be interesting, informative and fun!

They are also extremely comprehensive, so you’ll leave our two days courses with all the knowledge you need to operate your drone privately or commercially in a safe, legal way.

As pilots we can talk about airspace, and how you as a pilot of an unmanned vehicle can operate harmoniously with other traffic in the air. Of course learning about how to avoid annoying (or alerting) people on the ground is also really important for ensuring you can continue to operate your drone in the areas you want to fly it.

If you are outside of the Bay Of Plenty, we have short term accommodation available so you can make the most of your time training with us.

Instructors are available most days including weekends and holidays by request. We understand that everyone has different time availability to learn to fly, so we want to make your journey to your private or commercial licence as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Send us an email or give us a call.

We love to catch up for a coffee and a chat, and we can talk through what your drone RPAS needs are, and how we can help…

Drone Masters – Aviation Training Ltd

Hangar 1, 240 Aerodrome Road, Mount Maunganui
Telephone Us on: 027 315 2265

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