Intro To Part 101 Drone Operations Course

 Welcome Drone Owner/Operator, Congratulations – as a UAV operator you are now a pilot!

Learning to fly a drone is fun! There are so many things you can do with a drone, from photography to racing, to checking livestock. No wonder the popularity of drones has skyrocketed.

As a drone pilot you are flying and interacting with, other aircraft, people, and property, so it is necessary to act responsibly and to operate your aircraft in a safe and controlled manner.

Because there are so many people flying UAV’s (drones), the risks to aircraft, people and property have come into the full focus of the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). 

CAA Part 101 Rules apply to all drone pilots operating an unmanned aircraft….. “A person operating an unmanned remotely piloted aircraft must take all practicable steps to minimize hazards to persons, property and other aircraft.”

There have been many instances where close calls, and airport shutdowns have caused disruptions to air operations. Diverting scheduled flights in and out of major airports because of a drone being somewhere it shouldn’t is not only expensive for airlines, but obviously also potentially dangerous. CAA takes drone infringements VERY Seriously – whether the operator is a 12 year old flying their new Christmas present, or a professional drone operator.

As well as height and airspace limitations, there are also privacy and permission requirements you need to know about and adhere to.

But this needn’t be something to feel nervous about. Take the time to learn the rules, and basics around how airspace works, and where you can and can’t, from our half day course.

Compare 101 vs 102 Courses (PDF Download)  This document explains the differences between Part 101 & Part 102 requirements.

Enjoy all the aspects of flying your drone with peace of mind.

Who Our Introductory Drone Course Is For:

  • New Drone Pilots
  • Anyone who wants to understand and comply with the rules of the air.
  • Anyone flying around other people or property
  • Anyone who wants to operate within 4km of an Aerodrome.
  • Anyone who wants to stay legal, and learn how to fly their drone safely
  • Anyone who wants to know how their drone works, and how to get the most out of its features, settings, and battery life

On the intro course we’ll cover…

    • Meaning and definitions of unmanned remotely piloted aircraft
    • Shielded Operations.
    • Restricted, military operating, and danger areas
    • Low flying zones (where you are likely to find aircraft flying low below 500ft)
    • Controlled Airspace
    • Airspace Knowledge (you are a pilot, sharing airspace with other pilots)
    • Hazard and risk minimisation (keep you, other people and your drone safe)
    • Aerodromes (what land is classed as an aerodrome)
    • Visual line of sight operation (must be able to see your drone)
    • Night Operations

Practical Aspects Of Flying Drones: Our instructors are not only active drone operators but also commercial helicopter and aeroplane pilots.

As pilots, we’ll show you around our aircraft, to show you why a drone collision can end badly for the aircraft.

There are airspace rules and low flying zones where drones can come into contact with your aircraft. You need to know where you can get easy access to these, so you can fly with peace of mind.

There are designated areas for flying or restricted zone where you can and cannot fly, or can fly with permission.

They are available on their Airshare Website here:

We like to make our courses interactive and interesting!

Again, as pilots of helicopters and planes, not just drones, we have a wealth of experience and information.

You can ask us questions and learn about what it is like to be a pilot. After all, as a drone pilot, you are joining the fraternity of fellow pilots operating in the skies above!

What You Will Get From Attending Our Course:

Upon completion of this half-day course, you will be issued with a certificate to show that you have attended this course and learned about airspace, law and other aspects important for drone safety.

If you intend using your drone in public places, this course is a must!

We are a certified CAA approved 141 training organisation, if you want to attend our certified 101/102 two day course click here.

This half day course is recommended by the local Tauranga airport authority and CAA.

Non Shielded Operations

Shielded Operations

To Learn More About Our Certified 101 And 102 Drone (UAV) Pilot Courses:

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